Half Life 3 in Stream Database, Danish Retail Website Lists Half Life 3 for Pre-Orders!

According to a recent rumor which surfaced online, Half Life 3 will be available in Stream Database. There has been a video leak online but most people doubted the truthfulness of such a claim. However, in spite of the many doubts regarding this report, gamers are pretty thrilled since its Half Life 3.

At the moment, gamers are demanding to know how much this is true and if it really is, when we get to see the official confirmation. Valve’s Marc Laidlaw, who is a computer designer and a sci-fi author, believed the invalidity of the news regarding the presence of a Half Life 3 in the Stream Database. He further claimed that it is possible for anyone to make a Stream Database and declared it as “everybody’s doing”.

With this statement being issued by him, some people are in doubt regarding the truthfulness of this report. Tech Times further commented in order to deny this issue and declared the low quality of the so called Half Life 3 in the Stream Database.

They reported that the title shown in the Stream Video lacked the presence of a dash which is quite an important element when one is creating titles. A NeoGAF member decided to spice up the speculations to a greater extent and he went straight to the source of the Half Life 3 video in order to verify it.

He further demanded clarification from Laidlaw regarding his response to the issued statement, “It ain’t us”. As a result, right now people are quite skeptical regarding the truthfulness of such a video.

There has been no further explanation or confirmation in order to assure or deny this issue. At the same time, fans are still hoping that one of these days, Half Life 3 will make an appearance in the Stream Database.

So far, we all know that Half Life 3 has been the most popularly rumored game so far but it has no confirmation from its real owners, Valve.

According to the latest reports, Half Life 3 has been listed for pre-orders on a Danish Retail Website, called Webhallen.  According to this website, the release date of the title will be 2016.

The reports further suggest that Webhallen is not at all a fake website and it is a well-known online retailer that has games, electronics and computers for sale in its inventory among many other possible things. Sadly, not a lot of information has been generated by the web listing.

The reports suggest that it will be released in 2016 and Valve will be its manufacturers. Further mentions declare, “Price, image, product description and release date are preliminary and may change…Info coming soon!” Meanwhile, it is quite surprising to see Webhallen giving out pre-order dates since only a video game that has been confirmed gets pre-order dates.

Half Life creators Valve have not revealed any kind of information regarding this game. They have neither revealed whether it is in development or any kind of designing or concept stage is going on at the moment.

Fans have speculated that the way in which Bethesda unveiled its Fallout 4 video game in 2015 E3; Valve could be going for a similar reveal in 2016.

That being said, Half Life 3 is currently the mythical unicorn of the gaming world. The game has been rumored for quite some time now and every now and then, a small piece of information surfaces online and then it turns out to be a false lead.