Half Life 3 in Stream Database, Danish Retail Website Lists Half Life 3 for Pre-Orders!

The eager hardcore Half Life fans keep chewing up every piece of information that comes their way. However, this week a lot of information regarding Half Life 3 has surfaced online. It was posted on the document sharing website Pastebin and a user claimed to have a lot of inside knowledge regarding the title.

The user stated, “Half-Life 2 Episode 3 has been cancelled. The project has turned into a full-fledged title confirmed to be Half-Life 3. Half-Life 3 is the official title and has turned very well into a standalone game. Well sort of. It’s complicated,” wrote the unnamed user in a post titled simply “HL3 Legit S**t”.

Sadly, the name of the user was not revealed by him/her and it was not mentioned as to how he came across this piece of information. The user further wrote that the game is fabricated to very reactive to decision-making and player choice.

He further says, “There are no forced cut scenes that break the pace of the game and put you to a stop. Instead you can still freely do as you please and fully interact with everything that goes on story wise and cinematically.”

Physics puzzles are gone and are instead more of an optional sort of thing, but are generated for you based on your decisions.”

Stay tuned for more updates on Half Life 3!