Microsoft Surface Pro 4 Scheduled to Release in October with 12 inch and 14 inch Form Factors!

Meanwhile, the latest feature in the system of the Surface Pro 4 will allow it to automatically switch to the desktop mode once the keyboard is plugged in, as noted by Android Origin.

Rumors indicate that although it comes with a bigger display, the Microsoft Surface Pro 4 should be smaller than its predecessor and weigh lighter as well. Reports indicate that it will weight lesser than 800 grams.

Sadly, Microsoft doesn’t have a clear-cut product release pattern for their devices so it is difficult to accurately predict the release date of this device. However, rumors suggest the release date as October of 2015, at least that’s what Tom Warren, The Senior Editor of Verge, has to say about it. The price of the 12inch variant should be 800 dollars while the 14inch variant should cost $100-150 more.

In conclusion, Microsoft Surface Pro 3 has some problems but none of them are pretty serious. Compared to that, the Surface Pro 4 will definitely be an improvement and should come with tons of interesting features, besides a new processor chip among others.

Stay tuned for more updates and additional information regarding the upcoming Microsoft Surface Pro 4!