Jennifer Lawrence: Talks About Fan Criticism, Friend Amy Schumer And Stands By David Russell!

Jennifer Lawrence is one of the most popular actresses and she is known for giving some of the best performance that has been seen in the industry. She started out with numerous Oscar nominations to her name and even beat some of the leading ladies of Hollywood, to get one.

However, Jennifer Lawrence has had a tough time this year. First with her nude photos leaking in the internet and then her relationship with Coldplay front man Chris Martin coming to an end.

This was the second time that the twp have gone their separate ways after being together for ten months. Neither Jennifer Lawrence nor Chris Martin has come out to disclose what had gone wrong, but there is news that the two haven’t seen each other since.

While fans are not sure about what went wrong, it looks like things went downhill since Chris Martin started getting close to Annabelle Wallis, the actress from Peaky Binders. Thw two were spotted sharing a romantic dinner at the posh diner Lucali in Brooklyn, less than two months since his split from Jennifer Lawrence.

According to eye witness report Us Weekly stated at Chris Martin and Annabelle Wallis were completely smitten by each other. They kept staring at each other’s eyes and Martin even wrapped his hands around the English beauty.

Us Weekly further reported that even though Chris Martin seemed to have moved on very quickly, Jennifer Lawrence wasn’t perturbed by a broken heart. While Martin was busy visiting Annabelle at Vancouver, where she is shooting, Jennifer Lawrence was busy spending time with her ex-boyfriend and X-Men Apocalypse co-star Nicholas Hoult. There are rumors claiming that Nicholas Hoult is trying to woo her back into his life.

Jennifer Lawrence spoke her heart out in a candid interview with The New York Times. She said that she is scared of being seen negatively by people. She said that she is afraid of saying anything these days because she knows that there are people who will take the negative connotation of what she had said even if she hadn’t meant it.

She even admitted to Googling herself to find out the latest gossips about her. When informed by the interviewer that its one of the worst things that one can do, JLaw quickly said on some tough days she doesn’t have enough self-control to stop herself from doing that. She admittedly said that being a 22 year old isn’t always easy.

Jennifer Lawrence also agreed to the fact that she is wasting her time by trying to bother about what people have been talking about her and its wrong, but she can’t stop caring about what others think of her. She has, however, found a way to separate her public and private life and says that while the public can trash her avatar, she will keep her private self to herself.

Jennifer Lawrence said that when herself prescription of letting things go and focusing on bigger things at hand doesn’t work, she looks towards her friends to pick her up and support her. She has become firm friends with Amy Schumer and the two are even working on a screenplay together. It looks like the spunky Amy Schumer is rubbing on her for the better.