Microsoft Surface Pro 4 Scheduled to Release in October with 12 inch and 14 inch Form Factors!

Although Surface Pro 3 is being subjected to various cuts and more, GottaBeMobile asked users not to invest in the Surface Pro 3 as Surface Pro 4 is scheduled to release soon. All the different kinds of trends and subtle clues point towards the release of the Surface Pro 4.

Firstly, the Surface Pro 3 was announced last May and currently all sorts of discounts and price-cuts are being introduced for the Surface Pro 3. The company also recently slashed the prices of its Surface Pro 3 dock. All of these strongly suggest that Surface Pro 4 is heading our way.

No matter what the Surface Pro 4 will be, its predecessor is quite impressive both in looks and hardware along with performance. It is a superb machine and extremely versatile at the same time. People can use it as a laptop and a tablet and at the same time, it provides the full experience of a Windows Machine in a body that is as thin as that of an iPad. However, an upgrade always introduces newer and better stuff.

Fans of the Surface Pro 3 are currently impatient about the release of the fourth generation device. It is being rumored that the Microsoft Surface Pro 4 will come in two-form factors; one comes with a 12” variant while the other is a 14” variant.

The 14” model is mainly designed for professionals and businessmen who prefer a larger display for their work. The latest rumors also suggest that both these variants will include the new Skylake processor which has been designed to be fanless and as a result, hardware manufacturers will be able to build thinner devices.

The Surface Pro 3 had the tendency of warming up pretty soon and the new chip should be able to prevent that. International Business Time states that Microsoft Surface Pro 4 will include an improved battery life. The Surface Pro 3 is great when it comes to energy consumption but in performance, it is less than most other rivals in the market.

You will notice this when compared to other devices like Apple’s iPad and various other Android variants. However, most people wished to compromise with the battery life, considering the power and the impressive functionality of the device.

According to Tom Warren of The Verge, Surface Pro 4 will include a lot of major improvements and upgrades like 16GB RAM, 256GB SSDs along with a Type-C USB Port through which charge and transfer can be done quickly.  It will sport a higher screen resolution besides Microsoft’s latest security feature known as Windows Hello.

Using this, people can log into their devices using biometry. Microsoft hasn’t revealed anything regarding this device because the company wishes to build up interest and momentum behind the Surface Pro 4.

Rumors indicate that the Redmondian giant will hold a major conference next time where the Surface Pro 4 along with other devices like the rumored Surface Phone, a successor to the Microsoft band and two new Lumia phones will be revealed.

With the help of a larger display, workers will be able to turn the device into a laptop and work on multiple tasks with the use of a split-screen. Reports further suggest that the new device should be compatible with various Surface Pro 3 accessories. As a result, the upcoming smaller sized variant should be able to support various accessories like the docking station.

People are also greatly looking forward to the latest fifth generation Skylake processor by Intel. The device will run on Windows 10 out of the box and it will come with a touch-friendly interface besides the features of full-screen applications.