Castle Season 8: Beckett Goes Missing, Toks Olagundoye And Kelly Rowan Joins The Star Cast!

Castle has been a popular television series ever since the premiere season. With Castle Season 8 premiering in the near future, fans are looking forward to see how the dynamic between Richard Castle and Kate Beckett changes with the change in their roles.

According to the synopsis that ABC has released about their upcoming season says that Kate Beckett (StanaKatic) is going to go missing in the first episode of Castle Season 8 and her husband Richard Castle (Nathan Fillion) is going to go to all lengths to try and find her out.

The previous season saw Kate having to go through a harrowing time in finding Castle, who had gone missing, but this time, the tables have turned. Castle had vanished when there was an attempt at bombing the car on the day of their wedding.

According to Yahoo! the premiere episode is titled XY and will be shown from the prospective of Castle. Things will start rolling when he gets a sudden call from a stranger and things start to happen at a very fast pace. While he is trying to make sense of what is happening, he realises that his wife has gone missing.

Unlike Castle Season 7 where Richard’s missing was followed by a nail biting cliff-hanger, nothing of this sort is going to happen this time round, although things will take a deadly turn. According to reports, the first two episodes will be shown alternatively in Castle and Beckett’s perspective, with Castle’s perspective of the events first.

Castle Season 8 will see Richard Castle having to deal with some additional changes. Apart from his wife missing, he will have to address certain issues in his own investigation firm. The season will see his daughter Alexis (Molly Quinn) joining him, apart from a new security specialist Hayley Vargas (Toks Olagundoye).

Castle Season 8 will see both Richard and Kate starting on their new job. According to The International Business Times, the author turned detective will become a private eye, while Kate, who had turned down the offer to run New York Senate, and start on her new job as the Captain of the precinct.

Beckett isn’t very happy with the new role she is going to have to start doing since this will mean that she has to stay back at the precinct and deal with the paper-works instead of getting to be at the helm of affairs and solve crimes.

Showrunner Terence Paul Winter has informed TV Line that with Beckett becoming the boss at the precinct, things will change between Ryan (Seamus Dever) and Espesito (Jon Huerto). They will realise that it is time that they try to go up the ladder in their work as well. They will be fighting things out between each other, but all in a friendly manner since they are almost like brothers.

Castle Season 8 will see a new showrunner Alexi Hawley and he said in an interview with Entertainment Weekly that this season the show will focus on trying to find out what had happened when Castle has gone missing and it is going to bring in a lot of drama and mystery into the show.

There are rumors that Castle will also start investigating about the mysterious disappearance of his father. With his daughter in with him in his personal investigation firm, the two will stumble upon a lot of interesting things.