Mortal Kombat X Patch Notes and Characters That Should Be Added To the Roster!

Kombat Kast by Nether Realm Studios has ended and fans have come away with quite a number of patch notes for Mortal Kombat X. As a result, fans can now expect new gameplay fixes, character-specific patches and much more.

Gameplay will notice some adjusted action changes like character collisions in certain attack moves which include crouch blocking and attacking while jumping. You will also notice that some abilities have been removed.

The addition of extra input in the middle of a normal attack while choosing to execute a special move or a throw reveal after performing the block stun. A number of move list corrections have been introduced in the patch as well. They have been indicated by the official update through the WB Games website. Kano fans will notice a long list of fixes that have been introduced for this character, as it was promised before.

The last hit of the FK, BP, and Throw/FP + FK combo will feature a meter burn when performed by Commander Kano. In the meantime, a reduced meter gain from Upward Laser has been noticed in Cybernetic Kano besides the reduction of 10 startup frames and damage.

The adjustment on the reaction of the Upward Laser is easier to be followed-up after performing a combo. Meanwhile, it was reported by Eventhubs that Tanya has become even more powerful with the latest Mortal Kombat X Patch instead of receiving some nerf time. The opponents will now be shrouded and thrown with the noteworthy 32 percent damage for opponents added.

Gamers should make use of the Pyromancer Variation in case they want to take advantage of this glitch. This should be done until Nether Realm Studios includes a fix. There are also some other characters and their variations which has received some adjustments in the patch as well. The latest Mortal Kombat X patch will soon roll out for the respective platforms.

From the current indications, there is another teaser in store for the Mortal Kombat X fans and Nether Realm Studios is yet to reveal it. According to the developer, the fans should keep looking at social media channels in order to notice the announcement. GameSpot suggested that this could deal with the possible release of some new DLC packs for the game.

After the announcement of the cancelled PS3 and Xbox 360 releases of Mortal Kombat X following two delays, this should be some good news. Ed Boon, the Creative Head for NetherRealm Studios is known for teasing new details about Mortal Kombat X and if you are an avid fan, you should definitely add him to your to-follow list.

Ed Boon and NetherRealm Studios recently announced that Mortal Kombat X’s second combat pack is coming in 2016 and a lot of us wanted to see who gets added in the game. There were some rumored characters but none of them were officially confirmed by the developers. As a result, the fans were left to their growing imaginations. After the announcement of Kombat Pack 2, a lot of fans are expecting Spawn to be added to the game.

He has been requested for a long time and at the moment; it would be a major injustice if this character isn’t added to the title. His real name is Al Simmons and his cape has the ability to take the form of any weapon he wishes. This character is Mortal Kombat X written all over it. Agony is a double sided axe which serves as his primary weapon and it should bring about some major fatalities. Meanwhile, a lot of you have heard about Alex Mercer.