Mia Khalifa Thrashes out at lady Gaga’s Oscar Costume!

In the meantime, Mia Khalifa was inquired about famous personalities that have contacted her since her rise to worldwide fame. In the beginning, she decided that she ‘would never reveal’, but in the end she dropped a major bomb. While talking about an interaction that took place in Twitter, the Lebanese Porn Queen said, “Oh my god. Ummm, It rhymes with…’rake”.

Now, it shouldn’t take a lot of second guesses to figure out who that is! She further described to the Miami radio station that the hip hop star has sent her direct messages as well as explicit images. Mia admitted that while the whole effort was ‘just so cringeworthy’; she found the attempt rather flattering in nature.

Meanwhile, it is no surprise that Lady Gaga’s dress at the Oscar’s red carpet failed to impress the fashion critics. She was applauded for her performance in this year’s Academy Awards but her costume choice didn’t go well with certain personalities, including Mia Khalifa.

The pornographic actress tweeted that, “When the #Oscars are at 8 but your mama said to have the dishes done by 8:30.” With her custom-made Alaia gown, Lady Gaga collected great attention. However, the people were thrown off by her red gloves.

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