Michael Schumacher Recovering From His Ski Injury While His Son Shows Great Promise As a Racer!

Formula One icon Michael Schumacher’s son is all set to follow in his father’s footstep. 15-year old, Mick has come a long way since his kart racing days and is ready to join Formula 4 as a young talent. Mick Schumacher has signed up with Van Amersfoort Racing and will join Formula 4 from this season.

The Dutch team, Frits van Amersfoort is very impressed with the skills of the young racer and is looking forward to the young man displaying some skills on the driving tract this season. Michael Schumacher had developed his racing skills from the kart racing circuit near his home. He then had moved on to Formula 3 and then went on to create history in the Formula One circuit. With the way the experts in the sports are talking, it looks like Mick is likely to follow in the same footsteps.

Michael Schumacher is a legend when it comes to Formula One and has won seven titles. He is the most successful driver in the history of the race and holds quite a few records in this series. Schumacher has gone on to win 91 Grand Prix. Apart from Michael, his brother Ralf is also a racer at Formula One and is still in the sports.

Michael Schumacher’s racing career saw him suffer numerous accidents, but his career came to a crushing halt when he was paralysed in December 2013 after a freak accident while skiing in the Alps with his son.

Bernie Ecclestone, the Formula One boss, has known the 46-year-old German sports star for over two decades and thinks that the incident was very tragic. Schumacher, who had injured himself on so many occasions in numerous crashes, had to be put out of action by accident during a family ski outing. The racing star is now recuperating in his home after having spent months in the hospital. His condition is said to be stable now, but he is still under recovery.