Mia Khalifa Thrashes out at lady Gaga’s Oscar Costume!

Recently, Mia Khalifa became the number one star on an adult entertainment website. Following that event, she has become a major sensation in social media websites all across the world, raking up followers by the minute. The 22 year old Lebanese adult actress, born on 10th February, 1993, has become a major topic of discussion among social media users.

While she is loved for her acting skills, the same skill-set has welcomed threats as well. She was awarded the number one position on a video sharing hub. Her worldwide fame was initially triggered by this particular event. Mia Khalifa had around 62,625 Facebook Followers, 303k Instagram followers and 228k Twitter followers on January 12, 2015. However, as recorded on 18th February, 2015, the figures have risen up to 124,656 on Facebook, 822k on Instagram and 451k on Twitter. Among the three social media sites, her Instagram account has been made the most popular over time.

In other news, Drake’s ego seems to have improved following a devastating insult from PornHub queen, Mia Khalifa. On January, this 28 year old rapper was put to shame after Mia declared that she rejected his ‘cringeworthy’ advances.

She revealed this during an interview with WQAM 560, a Miami radio station. Although he seems unlucky in love, Drake is certainly determined to enjoy love like any stranded romantic. The famous rapper is currently on tour in New Zealand and Australia. He was spotted on Perth, Australia with Bernice Burgos.

Nicole Bitchie revealed that this 34-year old model of Bronx, New York is currently Drake’s flavor of the month. They have been spotted displaying some major PDA while taking a break from Sydney’s Future Music Festival. The musician was seen to affectionately wrap his arms around her while they frolicked under the sun.

For those who aren’t aware, Burgos can be recognized as the vixen in J Cole’s Work Out and the Diced Pineapples video by Rick Ross. Furthermore, reports indicate that she also performs as an exotic dancer at the Starlets strip club in New York.