Ariana Grande Enjoys Herself at Wells Fargo Center, Big Sean Declares His Relentless Love for Her!

Ariana Grande’s concert at the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia this Thursday was quite successful thanks to her lovely voice. In the present day music industry, she is one of the most original and technically talented singers. However, the success of her concert was largely due to the wonderful presentation.

Grande performed everything just the way it was needed. In all aspects, she did everything perfectly without the remotest sign of errors. So far, Grande has enjoyed a lot of success and triumph in the music industry. She has a recording career of just three years comprising two different albums. Her 17-song set spanning over 85 minutes was packed with great hits.

It also included a ‘Happy Birthday’ sing-along to a couple of her dancers. Her 2014 collaboration single with Nicki Minaj and Jessie J made Ariana Grande the second female artist simultaneously featuring three songs in the top 10 list.

During the performance of her gold hit song, ‘Right There’, she soared over the stage placed on a chandelier while wearing a shimmery tassel dress along with a boa. Her outfits were frequently changed as well. In conclusion, we can say that her success is really well-deserved.

Meanwhile, during the performance of ‘’Honeymoon Avenue’’, the audience was treated to a huge shower of sparks. A massive shower of confetti drops on many of her songs made it look like it was snowing on-stage. She was often accompanied by as many as 11 dancers. At the same time, she was backed up by a seven-man band including a DJ.

The event was immensely grand, but the presentation never overshadowed her music. This is mainly due to Grande’s four-octave voice that was marvelous in itself. It was melodiously high and clear while hitting an otherworldly note during the performance of ‘’Be My Baby’’.

Like most of the present day rising stars, Grande’s rise to success was quite rapid, and presently she is just 21. Due to her rapidly accelerating maturity, Ariana identifies less with her earlier material. She sang all nine out of 10 songs from her newest CD, ‘My Everything’. Only two tracks were skipped, ‘’A Little Bit of Your Heart’’ and ‘’All my Love’’.