Continuum Season 4: Renewed For Six New Episodes, Rachel Nichols Hopeful That the Show Will Continue, And More News

Continuum fans have finally some good news coming their way, with rumours that the production for Continuum Season 4 is on its way, but this is a double-edged sword, because it comes with the sad news that with this season Continuum will be bidding goodbye.

The Canadian series have been enjoying a good run. The concept is very new, and the storyline was always tight and crisp and kept the readers on the edge of their seats. Fans were very distressed with news that the show might be cancelled after the third season. There were reports that claimed that studio bosses were planning on discontinuing the series because the fall in TRP.

All the fears were finally settled when Continuum actress, Rachel Nichols took to Twitter to confirm that indeed the much-loved sci-fi drama was indeed returning for the fourth season to Showcase. The fan excitement was marred after Nichols informed that Continuum Season 4 will be shorter, with only six episodes.

Continuum Season 3 finale had left behind a lot of unanswered questions. It ended with a cliff hanger and fans were devastated when they heard rumours that Continuum might not return to answer and solve the questions left behind in the last season finale. Shaw Media was not happy in the way the rating of the show dropped with every episode but when they saw the huge uproar from the fans when they heard about the cancellation, to change their mind.

Nichols said that she is hopeful that the show will not end with Season 4 because there is still a lot of potential in developing the plot, and there’s so much in the story that still hasn’t been explored properly.  She said that the whole team of writers and actors are giving their all to make sure that they can make Continuum Season 4 the best season ever and can give enough momentum to make sure that the series continues.