Ariana Grande Enjoys Herself at Wells Fargo Center, Big Sean Declares His Relentless Love for Her!

In the meantime, Big Sean and Ariana Grande are quite crazy about each other. Therefore, it should be natural for them to be apprehensive regarding such a public relationship. However, in a recent interview with Rolling Stone magazine, the rapper declared that he doesn’t mind the press as Ariana always makes him happy. He declared that, according to him, success should be measured by happiness, and she makes him really happy. As a result, he really appreciates her and doesn’t pay attention to anything else.

He further declared that she is highly supportive. It’s also quite cool as Ariana was his fan before everything else. When they met each other, the first thing she said was, ‘Yo, I love your music’. At that time, she was just a TV actress. Due to her open-minded nature, Big Sean is really proud of her. It’s no secret that he is relentlessly in love with her, thanks to their persistent PDA.

Do you think Ariana Grande and Big Sean should be with each other? Do you think it’s cute that he doesn’t care about the paparazzi at all? Let us know in your comments below!