Melissa Ponzio Teases the Storyline of Teen Wolf Season 6, Will Dylan O’Brien be Replaced by Harry Styles? Let’s See!

Dylan O’Brien had met with an accident on the sets of his film, The Maze Runner: The Death Curse and there were talks about him being replaced by One Direction member Harry Styles. Rumor has it that the producers are in talks with Harry Styles to get him in for Teen Wolf. However, there were no confirmation on this.

Yibada has reported that Dylan O’Brien and Harry Styles look very similar and it is because of this reason that the former has been asked to play the role of Styles in the fan fiction of One Direction, called After. O’Brien, however, said that he wouldn’t be a fit since he didn’t have a British accent and couldn’t sing to save his life.

Dylan O’Brien had a terrible accident on the sets and the work on The Maze Runner: The Death Cure has been stalled to give him enough time to recover. Maybe this had been the basis for the rumor that O’Brien is being replaced in Teen Wolf Season 6. O’Brien fans can be rest assured that the actor is going to be back soon since he is on his way to recovery.

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