Melissa Ponzio Teases the Storyline of Teen Wolf Season 6, Will Dylan O’Brien be Replaced by Harry Styles? Let’s See!

Teen Wolf Season 6 is going to be one exciting season. Melissa Ponzio has shared some interesting insight into what fans can expect in the upcoming series. Melissa Ponzio, who plays the role of Melisa McCall in Teen Wolf Season 6 has informed fans that there are going to be some unexpected things coming their way.

The fans of Teen Wolf Season 6 are really interested in what’s in store for Teen Wolf Season 6 and they even asked the cast members to share some scoops from the sixth season. Ponzio responded to some of the fan queries and said that while she isn’t allowed to talk about Season 6 of Teen Wolf in details, she can tell the fans that there are going to be a lot of unexpected occurrences.

Melissa Ponzio didn’t just stop there, much to the excitement of fans, she informed them that there are going to be new faces who will join the cast of the popular MTV series. She teased that the season is going to be high on drama, emotion, confusion, tactics, passion and the viewers will witness the outcome of the characters relying on others and struggling with loss.

International Business Times has reported that showrunner Jeff Davis has revealed the theme for Teen Wolf Season 6. Davis said that Season 6 will take the fans back to friendship. Teen Wolf had started with Stiles (Dylan O’Brien) and Scott (Tyler Posey) heading to the woods to find a dead body and that bond is what the show is going to explore once again.

Much to the excitement of fans, Jeff Davis has also teased that the show is going to witness a time jump and a major change. There were rumors that Teen Wolf Season 6 will explore time jump and Davis has confirmed that by informing that the time jump between the previous season and the sixth one will be of three years.

Teen Wolf Season 6 will open with the characters in the second semester of their senior year in high school. There is another big thing that fans are excited about, when it comes to Teen Wolf Season 6. The showrunners will look into the romance between Lydia (Holland Roden) and Stiles.

The upcoming season will deal with the Nazi zombie. This creature is set to create a lot of problems for the residents of Beacon Hill. The second threat that the teen wolves have to deal with is an old mythology.

Apart from the threats, fans will be happy to know that Theo (Cody Christian) will be back. This rumor was confirmed by Jeff Davis himself. He said that the fans love Theo and they had to make sure that he wasn’t killed off and are going to bring him back.

There are speculations that Tyler Posey will be leaving Teen Wolf. There has been a lot of rumor regarding this and Tyler Posey took to Twitter to settle the matter once and for all. He addressed his fans and informed them that the news of him leaving Teen Wolf are all false. He assured the fans that he will be around as long as Teen Wolf is being aired.

In fact, Tyler Posey will not only be acting in Teen Wolf. He will also try his hand at directing for the first time. According to Enstarz, the actor has been producing and learning the ropes of direction. He told The Wrap that he hangs out with the directors and tries to learn the nuances of the art from them. He has always wanted to try his hand in every aspect of acting.