Malachite Set to Return in Steven Universe Season 3, Cartoon Network Reveals Release Date and Teaser, More Information

It has been reported that Steven Universe Season 3 is going to be a musical and will be hitting the television screen in the second week of May. Cartoon Network had been completely mum about the release of Season 3 so far and fans had been getting impatient. However, the network has appeased the fans by revealing a date that is sooner that what the fans had expected.

Fans had initially felt that Steven Universe Season 3 will release in June, but Cartoon Network informed that the series is going to be released on 12th May. Not only did the network reveal the date of release, but also released a short teaser for the upcoming season.

The teaser reveals that the third season is going to feature Malachite and the return of the evil fusion gem is going to make things difficult for Steven and his Crystal Gems.Malachite had been created following the fusion of Jasper and Lapis Lazuli.

While Lapis Lazuli had been able to overpower Malachite and the Gems had captured the evil Jasper within the waters of the sea, Malachite will manage to break free and create a lot of havoc.

Malachite’s entry is going to make things very difficult for Steven, his Gems, Garnet and Pearl as well as Lapis Lazuli and Peridot. They not only have to contend with her, but will also have to work together in order to tackle the evil forces of Yellow Diamond, who is going to be coming down to earth. The Crystal Gems are rumored to be fusing with one another in order to create the Alexandrine to defeat Malachite.

Parent Herald has confirmed that Yellow Diamond is going to be a part of Steven Universe Season 3. She has been asked to go to earth by the Diamond Authority since Steven and his friends have been trying to make things difficult for them.

Yellow Diamond has always had a disgust for earth and the things living in it and she will be angered by the fact that her old commander, Peridot, has joined Steven and his friends.

According to Movie Pilot, Peridot is determined to work with Steven and help him destroy the Cluster. The Cluster has the potential of destroying the whole of the earth and by the looks of it the Crystal Gems are going to be able to make it happen.

Peridot knows everything about the Cluster since she was the most able fighter in it and her insight is going to be valuable to Steven and the Crystal Gems. The teaser shows Peridot sitting in the cockpit and fans are rather surprised to see Steven joining Peridot in the mission.

The mission to destroy the Cluster is a rather dangerous one and fans are of the opinion that Steven was forced to go along with Peridot by the different Crystal Gems. In the leaked videos fans had seen that Yellow Diamond will also try to kill Peridot.

There are rumors that Alexandrine and Malachite will get into a huge fight. However, the teaser shows Steven saying that something doesn’t seem right and he and the Crystal Gems will start investigating more on the issue.

Rebecca Sugar, the creator of Steven Universe has confirmed Christian Post that the third season of Steven Universe is going to be a musical. The upcoming season will also see Shelby tap dancing. Sugar revealed that the songs will broadly outline what the plot would hold.

With music and songs being incorporated into Steven Universe Season 3, as Sugar revealed, the whole team had to learn certain things and start out in a different way.