Malachite Set to Return in Steven Universe Season 3, Cartoon Network Reveals Release Date and Teaser, More Information

Ecumenical News has reported that Cartoon Network has revealed the start of a four week-long event called In Too Deep, which will start on the 12th of May. This has confused the fans since they do not know if this is a special event that leads up to Steven Universe Season 3 or whether the third season will start once the special event is over.

The dates for the release in European countries have been leaked online and they coincide with the initial report that Steven Universe Season 3 will release in June. The first episode called the Super Watermelon Island is going to be released on 16th June and this will be followed by Gem Drill, Same Old World and Barn Mates. Hit The Diamond and Steven Floats will be the last two episodes and they will be aired on 23rd and 24th June, respectively.

This news has made it clear that the four week-long event is a special event for the fans and is an attempt on the part of Cartoon Network to appease the fans for not having dealt out any information on the series for so long.

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