Married At First Sight Season 3: Network In Second Thoughts, Jason And Courtney Star In A Spinoff, More Details!

Married at First Sight Season 3 has been cancelled. This news has been doing the rounds after the all the couples of season 2 split up from each other. The couples Ryan D and Jessica, Ryan R and Jaclyn and Sean and Davina have all split up after the season 2 ended.

The show had a very interesting concept of placing two strangers together and then getting them married on the very next day. While the popularity of Season 2 urged the network to continue with Married at First Sight Season 2, the second season didn’t turn out to be as successful as the first one.

It was just Clare and Lachlan who decided to stay married even after the second season ended, but Lachlan has recently informed that the two have separated. There were good moments, but the bad ones were way more and they decided to move their separate ways.

According to Gospel Herald, it was the controversial news surrounding the marriage between Ryan De Niro and Jessica Castro that has caused the network to have second thoughts regarding giving Married at First Sight Season 3 a green light.

Jessica has filed for a restraining order against her husband after he threatened to harm her and her family on finding out that she had been cheating on him. All the couples from the reality show have separated, even Alex and Zoe, who were believed to be one of the most stable couples, following a miscarriage that they suffered. They were together even on year after the show ended, but the miscarriage pushed them downhill.

While the couples from Married at First Sight Season 3 had unsuccessful marriages, the contestants from season 1 are still going strong. Jason Carrion and Courtney Hendrix met on the show and are still married together and that’s not all, Courtney is very supportive of Jason enjoying the limelight in the NYC firefighter calendar for the next year.

Jason Carrion, on talking about the experience said that it was surreal one because as a kid he always wanted to be a firefighter and would get teased about making it to the NYC firefighter calendar and he actually saw that happening.

He said that he had always been in good shape and knew he was a good model, but never believed that he would make it to the cover page of the 2016 calendar. Jason said that Courtney is very supportive and is actually very excited about the whole episode. She has bought copies of the calendar from the store even though they got free ones.

4 thoughts on “Married At First Sight Season 3: Network In Second Thoughts, Jason And Courtney Star In A Spinoff, More Details!”

  1. I love that the two couples from season 1 are still together. They look good together and my hopes that they continue to work on loving learning and respecting each other, Best wishes, I’m all for ya, Be blessed.

  2. I love this show and it sucks that it was cancelled. I think that the questionnaire should be more in depth and have questions that put people in thinking outside the box. I believe that they should expand from new York and try USA wide. We have seem this show work but if 2 people are not willing to give it all them they should not even try this experiment. I still believe in love at first sight.

  3. I love the show and hope the couple’s make it to the end and not just for the show but I would love to see them have kids and show the world what love is Lal about. I would love to see more of the show…….

  4. I check every 4 or 5 months to see if Jason and Courtney are still together,so happy for them,the way they respect each other and work together on situations ,They actually make it seem easy which we know that’s not true,LOL.I will be heartbroken if I check again,and I will and you are no longer together,please don’t let that happen.Love both of you and keep doing what your doing it’s working.

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