Samsung Galaxy S6: Success Boosts Samsung’s Sales, Rumors of the Galaxy S6 Edge Plus Surface!

According to the latest smartphone sales report by Kantar Worldpanel ComTech research firm, Samsung flagship Galaxy S6 has helped boost Android market share in the US during the three months’ time, ending in May. Last year wasn’t really great for Samsung, primarily due to the lukewarm response to its Galaxy S5 flagship. As a result, Samsung geared up and went all out while developing the Samsung Galaxy S6 and it finally worked.

The aforementioned report further claimed that LG has doubled its share in the US smartphone market, year over year. According to the latest figures, Android Market share in the US has increased by 2.8 percent resulting in a total of 64.9 percent in the three months ending in May.

Samsung lost its footing earlier, in the Android Market but thankfully the recent success of Samsung Galaxy S6 has helped the company secure its lost ground again.  Samsung made flagship smartphones earlier but they lacked the finesse and the design of popular smartphone companies like Apple, HTC and Sony. Thankfully, Samsung took the cue and laid stress on build quality and use of premium finish on their smartphones and it paid off!

According to the latest published reports, Samsung’s share in the US market grew quarter over quarter and Galaxy S6 is the third bestselling smartphone in the US market, after iPhone 6 and Galaxy S5. However, while premium smartphone companies focus on quality and craftsmanship, they tend to neglect the utility.

For example, HTC earlier announced that they won’t include waterproofing and removable battery covers as it could compromise the classy metal build. Right now, Samsung seems to be doing the same as the Galaxy S6 and the S6 Edge are devoid of battery flexibility and weatherproofing that were present in the S5. Well, from the looks of it, it shouldn’t be a huge issue as users could go for the much rugged and presently rumored, Galaxy S6 Active.

However, Milanesi adds that Samsung’s year-over-year performance has greatly improved as Samsung’s current market share was “down only 0.5 percentage point compared to 1.6 percentage points in the three months ending in April.” Furthermore, Android’s increase in market share is not only because of Samsung but also LG.

However, other reputed Android companies like Motorola and HTC had a more difficult time as their shares have been decreasing both year-over-year and period-over-period. This is actually good news for other competitors like Huawei and Sony, who could grab this opportunity to amaze US customers.