Avatar 2: New Release Dates Revealed, Insiders Guarantee A Great Movie Experience, Horner’s Death A Major Blow!

It is going to be a Christmas bonanza for the fans of Avatar 2, as the James Cameron film is going to be released on Christmas day in 2017, followed by Avatar 3 and Avatar 4 on the very same day in the succeeding two years.

20th Century Fox has confirmed that Avatar 2 is all set for a 2017 release. The director had hit a tough road with the scripting, but the situation has since then been tackled. It was reported by Master Herald that the award winning director was having a tough time containing the script of the film to three sequels.

Cameron initially had enough material to make four sequels, but he was contract bound to limit it to only three. Cameron confessed in an interview with Associated Press that the scripting process required him to be very involved with his vision and yes, the 2016 release date was overtly ambitious on the part of the whole team.

After tackling the crisis of limiting the whole dream of Pandora within three films, James Cameron had a tough job cut out for him since he is shooting all three sequels simultaneously. Cameron is well aware about the expectation from Avatar 2 and s doing everything to make the experience well worth the long wait.

Avatar 2 will pick up eight years after the first film. It will again deal with ex-marine James Sully (Sam Worthington) and Neytiri (Zoe Saldana). Jon Landau, the producer of the film has teased the fans by informing them that the wait for Avatar 2 will be worth it for the fans. He also hinted that there is going to be greater emphasis on the presence of humans in Pandora, with some bad and some good characters.

Cameron is known for bringing to the audience interesting techniques and with Avatar 2 he is shooting the films at a frame rate that is more advanced than the industry regular 24 frames every second. The director believes that the reason for doing this to extend the power and the emotion that touched the hearts of millions in Avatar to the upcoming sequels.

Avatar 2 has created a major buzz in the internet with speculations that the film focuses on the water ecosystem of Pandora. Cameron is supposedly shooting the underwater sequences with a new technology that captures underwater motion.