Tesla Model X Has a Lower Profile, Aims to be a Woman-Friendly Vehicle, And More

Tesla Motors recently announced the launch of its latest offering, the Tesla Model X. It is an innovative gull-winged Sports Utility Vehicle which is supposed to release by the third quarter of fiscal year 2015. However, not many details were revealed by CEO Elon Musk.

We have seen many leaked images of Tesla Model X in the past and it gives us an idea of what to expect from Elon’s deep secret. This SUV was first announced in 2012. Meanwhile, in the upcoming vehicle, we get to notice the Tesla Model X. This is the first time ever to be featured on an SUV and the skyward opening doors will allow increased accessibility inside the vehicle.

The doors will open up instead of out. As a result, this makes it easier to open the doors of the SUV when the vehicle is parked in a tight spot and with not enough room to for side-opening doors.  Furthermore, gull-winged doors also permit greater visibility over the driver’s shoulder. Till now, automotive history bears witness to the Mercedes Benz 300SL as the only car with successful gull-winged doors.

Within a few months, Tesla will reveal its third all-electric vehicle in 12 years and it is an SUV Minivan which has a unique look that is quite different from the Model S and the sportier Roadster.

However, the Model X is not all about looks and is more about who it is designed for. According to Elon Musk, the Tesla Model S was more of a male-centric car and according to him; the Model X will be paying more attention to the ladies. Was the Model S a bit sexist? We don’t know but Elon Musk seems to think so.

Meanwhile, disregarding the boot features of an SUV, the addition of a spoiler on the rear definitely increases the appeal of the Tesla Model X. The spoiler will help to reduce the drag and increase downward force on the vehicle applied when the Model X is in motion.

Furthermore, the Model X will retain its long mile range thanks to its aerodynamic feature and design. Experts suggest that the rear spoiler is a cooperative feature and will be retracted into the car’s body when it’s not needed.

The spoiler will further help in improving the battery efficiency and increase the drive time. The spoiler pictures were discovered, thanks to ‘AnxietyRanger’, a member of Tesla Motors forum.