Final Fantasy XV: Prompto and Gladiolus Wrestling Featured, Ranked Beside Kingdom Hearts 3 in Latest Famitsu Chart, And More

In spite of being a demo, Final Fantasy XV Episode Duscae was recently updated to version 2.0. There have been reports circulating in various websites regarding the latest features and additions.

From the looks of it, the overall gameplay and various combat features have been enhanced. At the same time, Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward has been launched for early access. There are gamers who qualified for it and they will not only be able to try it out but also get bonus items to be presented to them.

Meanwhile, Famitsu, the Japanese gaming website showed the games that are most wanted by users, in their latest issued charts. We are not surprised to notice that both Final Fantasy XV and Kingdom Hearts 3 are located in the top 10.

However, people may be surprised with the fact that Final Fantasy XV secured 2nd position while Kingdom Hearts 3 is lagging behind at eighth. At the same time, when you notice some of the other games in this list, compared to them, Kingdom Heart 3’s eighth place doesn’t seem too bad at all.

The latest version of Final Fantasy XV: Episode Duscae featured improvements in combat and additional combo techniques.  Besides that, frame rate issues have been fixed along with removal of bugs and overall balancing.

Players have finally gained the ability to defeat Catoblepas. It is one of the more interesting additions of this update. Catoblepas is a massive lake monster that was almost impossible to kill. However, keep in mind that it will take a Level 99 player almost 20 minutes to slay Catoblepas.

Meanwhile, considering the position of games in Famitsu’s list, it is clear that Japanese gamers have a different set of interests than American gamers. At the bottom of this list, you will notice Metal Gear Solid V: Phantom Pain and Batman Arkham Knight for PS3.

Obviously, the PS4 version of Phantom Pain is one place ahead of Kingdom Hearts 3, but it will be displaced soon. It should also be noted that fans have been aware of these titles for quite some time now. The list was last updated on 21st June and at that moment; Arkham Knight was simply days from the release. In comparison, Kingdom Hearts 3 was just announced at this year’s E3.