Grey’s Anatomy Season 12: April Not Interested to be the Chief, Pompeo Set to Leave!

Grey’s Anatomy Season 12 returns in the fall, but there is already a lot of talks and discussion surrounding it. Created by Shona Rhimes, the show has enjoyed a successful run ever since the very first season.

There are speculations that April Kepner is set to fill in the shoes of the Chief of Sloan Memorial Hospital. Sarah Drew has, however, denied the rumor stating clearly that her character is not going to follow Dr. Richard Webber (James Pickens, Jr.).

Catherine Avery (Debbie Allen) has been trying to convince April to fill in the shoes of her husband, but Kepner is determined to not let herself get occupied in administrative work and hospital politics. She is going to use her skills as a doctor to save as many lives as possible.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Sarah Drew said that April isn’t ready for all the paperwork that is associated with the position of the Chief of Surgery. She would rather use her hands to handle trauma and continue being a healer, which she knows she is brilliant in.

With April out of the picture, it looks like Dr. Bailey (Chandra Wilson) will get to enjoy the position that she has been waiting for a very long time. However, it will not be an easy walk to the office of the Chief of Surgery. Bailey will have to fight it out with the candidate that Catherine will nominate.

According to TV Line, Dr. Arizona (Jessica Capshaw) might be the second option for Catherine, when April refuses the position. With Capshaw extending her contract with Grey’s Anatomy for two more years it looks like she will indeed have a meaty role to play in Grey’s Anatomy Season 12.

The original star cast of Grey’s Anatomy has been changed and replaced over the course of the year. With Dr. Derek Shepherd’s (Patrick Dempsey) sudden death, the number of original star cast is dwindling, but it looks like there is something happy in store for the fans of Grey’s Anatomy.

There are reports that Katherine Heigl is going to make a comeback in Grey’s Anatomy Season 12. Katherine Heigl had left the show in 2010, but there are rumors about her coming back doing the rounds.

The rumors started when State of Affairs, an upcoming show by NBC was cancelled. Heigl was a part of the series and with her contract with NBC on, it looks like the network might place her in Grey’s Anatomy.

9 thoughts on “Grey’s Anatomy Season 12: April Not Interested to be the Chief, Pompeo Set to Leave!”

  1. Apparently it’s time to find a new TV series addiction…this show is destined to be DOA in season 12. What a shame.

  2. I think the show is over for most die hard fans . The death off Derick put a end to the Mer and Der love story. It would have to be a whole new show with most of the original cast gone. I don’t think I will like it so will say good bye ,it was a great run.

  3. There aren’t many good TV series that aren’t police dramas so I will give season 12 a chance.

  4. Um NBC doesn’t do Grey’s Anatomy. Grey’s Anatomy is ABC kind of confused on how NBC would place Katherine Heigl in Grey’s Anatomy if she was on a contract with NBC that just wouldn’t make sense.

  5. The show has lost it’s mind, April even being considered as chief is ridiculous. April failed her boards the first time and there is not way she would even be considered as chief by any hospital. It was bad enough when Jackson was put as the head of the board. The show was great in the beginning, but the new characters are weak and I really do not care about them at all.Wilson and Edwards are no Meredith and Christine. With Derek gone and Meredith rarely on the show anymore I am done watching it. Derek and Meredith were golden and without them the show has lost its magic. You don’t cut off your foot when you are trying to win a race and cutting out the character of Derek from the show has cost them many fans and I suspect will tank their ratings this year.

  6. I’m a new fan, only since April. Since then, i did make a lengthy, dedicated and interested effort in viewing as many older episodes as possible, back to season 5. It was a chore. It was fun too. You’re right Deb, I see there was a magic in the productions and performances from the old days. Derek’s death caused an fan uproar, and I am sorry to say that the shocking episode (“How to Save a Life”) may spell the death knell for the series. I hope not. Ms Rimes is a master storyteller. She can weave a tale that hooks onto you. I’m going to continue to watch. I have high standards. I expect the best from Ms. Rimes.

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