Exclusive Batman vs. Superman Details To Be Revealed At Comic-Con, Mattel Reveals Their Latest Action-Figures, And More!

Marvel fans are disappointed as Marvel decided not to participate in Comic-Con 2015. As a result, DC fans expected this to be great opportunity for Warner Bros to make some exciting announcements at Comic-Con, pertaining to their Justice League Universe.

These suspicions proved correct as Warner Bros. recently announced their plans for Comic-Con 2015 with new updates an ‘unexpected offerings’ regarding their Batman vs. Superman panel. Meanwhile, people got a look at Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice LEGO set and currently we gained a first look at some of the latest action figures.

According to USA Today, a two-pack of Batman and Superman will be Comic-Con exclusives and developed by Mattel. Reports indicate that the prices will be $30 each. These exciting 6-inch figures include fabric capes, lights-and-sound packaging and display bases that combine to form the film’s iconic logo. The release of these figures promise one of the biggest moments in the upcoming movie.

Meanwhile, people are wondering who Flash would be backing up in Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice. Recent rumors indicate that Flash will be making a cameo appearance in the upcoming DC Comics shared universe movie.

The latest reports suggest that Flash will be caught in a surveillance camera working swiftly to stop the progress of a crime in this film. Fans are asking whether he will be working with Batman or Superman. Coming back to the action-figure development, it seems like Mattel is also developing a Wonder-Woman version of Barbie.

The doll will be displayed at Comic-Con but won’t be available till spring this year. Reports suggest that this Wonder-Woman/Barbie action-figure is 12-inch tall and will feature a tiara, bulletproof bracelets, sword, and shield along with her signature lasso of truth.

Besides Superman and Batman, Wonder-Woman is a part of the Barbie movie collection. For the guys, an exciting rumor indicates that Mattel is developing a hot-wheels version of the Batmobile. Fans who will visit Comic-Con this year should be delighted to know that Mattel will have a life-size version of the Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice car at Comic-Con this year.

According to reports, Warner Bros. will be promoting some of their other movies during their Sunday Afternoon panel. Hugh Jackman will make an appearance in order to share a new look at the upcoming Peter-Pan reboot named Pan.