George R.R. Martin Cancels Comic-Con Visit, Decides to Release Winds of Winter On Time, And More

Game of Thrones Season 5 ending was quite exciting and GOT-heads right now are wondering what’s in store for them in season 6. Meanwhile, there are a lot of questions that GOT fans wish to ask, specifically the ones who haven’t read the novels.

Did Arya Stark lose her vision forever? What will happen to Daenerys, especially considering how the Dothrakis were circulating her? WHAT ON EARTH happened to Jon Snow? Will he survive? Is there any truth in the rumors suggesting Melissandre resurrecting him? We’ll just have to wait and see.

In the meantime, the audience eagerly awaits the release of a new novel by George R.R. Martin. Apart from developing parts of the upcoming season for HBO and Cinemax, Martin has been busy working for three short films and playing host to special events among others.

“Life is terribly busy for George RR Martin right now. He is struggling to wrap up the final editing on the characters from The Winds of Winter, the song of Kong. He is busy with the casting of new characters and working for three low-budget short films and playing host for some author-oriented events among other important stuff in packed schedule.

We came to know that he is looking forward to working on a few classic short stories, on opening Jurassic World at the Cocteay and hosting a team of events related to teenage author-oriented event for the release of Steve Stirling’s new collection named “Emberverse”.

Within a week, he has plans of flying off to Europe for shoots to be conducted in Germany and Sweden, via Archipelacon. There he will serve as the guest of honor”.

George R.R. Martin made sure that he will finish writing the book “WINDS OF WINTER” on time. For this, he even cancelled some of his scheduled appearances. This includes two convention appearances and it seems like he is quite desperate to complete the book on time.

The writer finally shared a part of the plot from his upcoming novel “Winds of Winter”. He unveiled that a female character would die in this novel. He told David Harris that he knew this particular character would have to die someday, right from the very beginning. However, he wasn’t aware as to how that character would die.

Martin is overloaded with all kinds of jobs and its being feared that he might not be able to complete Winds of Winter at the proposed time. It is known that Martin is discarding the plan to attend San Diego Comic-Con so that he can work on the unfinished novel within the scheduled time period.