OnePlus Two Launching On 27th July, Set For a Virtual Reality Showcase, And More Details

Owners and fans of the OnePlus One have been waiting for the release of a successor.  The latest reports reveal that OnePlus Two will be launched in 27th July and it will be the world’s first product to launch in Virtual Reality. OnePlus has designed its own take on Google Cardboard through which the event can be viewed.

As a result, the OnePlus Two is destined to come straight to your face on 27th July. For those who are not aware, Google Cardboard is an open-source blueprint for a cheap, virtual reality viewer that complies with a smartphone.

The company is teasing the details of OnePlus Two with the help of successive announcements which is similar to what happened during the release of its predecessor and LG G4.

OnePlus Two will be the world’s first product to be launched in VR. According to OnePlus on its blog, a virtual reality launch allows the viewers to stand right next to the OnePlus team and the fans, while they unveil their latest flagship.

According to them, the people experiencing this will be able to look around and discover the phone in a new way and they might even find a few Easter Eggs. This is a new way to host a product launch and further added, “We aren’t talking at you; we are talking with you,”

Meanwhile, rumors involving the specifications reveal that OnePlus Two will feature a Snapdragon 810 processor with all the essential tweaks necessary to prevent any overheating issues.

According to OnePlus, this device will sport a USB Type-C port which is presently gaining momentum is being the new standard of data transfer and charging. The predecessor OnePlus One was a great device, but it had its own issues. There were bugs along with a terrible marketing system with a depressing invite-only sales system.

If the company wants OnePlus Two to succeed, they will need to show how they have developed in the marketing aspects. Some marketing stunts are well worth it but buyers to need to feel that they can trust the company in case they run into problems with their device. The buyers need to feel that a reputed company is always available to support them whenever needed.

In the meantime, the upcoming OnePlus Two launch event will be streamed live from 19:00 PT on Monday 27 July (3am UK time Tuesday 28 July) and right now we are wondering if there will be a London event, which is more beneficially timed.