Clash of Clans: Everything You Need To Know About the Recent Update, Additional Information

A few days ago reports started surfacing that Clash of Clans will release a major update soon. It indicated the addition of a lot of new features in the latest 2015 summer Clash of Clans update and clashers would simply love them. The update was launched yesterday and is currently one of the biggest updates to have been released since the last nine months.

Even before the release, we had a rough idea of the latest features that would be included in this update. Clash of Clans official page in Facebook kept releasing photos of the new features to be included soon.

The latest Clash of Clans features that were added are Legend and Titan Leagues, Level 5 dragons, spell queuing, new barracks menu, a second air sweeper in Town Hall 9 and storage immunity to spells. However, the biggest possible update was the introduction of a Dark Spell Factory and its three new spells: Haste, Earthquake and Poison. Yesterday, the mobile gaming world was taken by storm and Clash of Clans Global featured excited Town Hall 8+ players all discussing about it.

Clash of Clans is one of the most popular and successful mobile games on the world, with over 150 million plus installs on iOS and over 100 million installs on Android smartphones. One of the major reasons behind the success of Supercell’s Clash of Clans, is the constant addition of updates.

In a game, where you have to keep attacking or buying gems and in-game gold/elixir to upgrade your base and troops, players can get easily bored. Thanks to the developers and their interesting schemes, Clash of Clans remains ever-interesting. Meanwhile, let’s get straight into the updates!

Before this update, dragons could be updated to Level 4, the most powerful and deadliest dragon. The Level 4 dragon was available at Town Hall 9 and you needed to upgrade the Spell Factory in order to unlock its upgrade.

However, right now, Town Hall 9 players will be able to upgrade their dragon to Level 4 at 6 million Elixir, which is 2 million lesser than what was required earlier.  Even better news, the gamers don’t need to upgrade their spell factory.

In the meantime, dragon Level 5 is available at Town Hall 10 and will cost ‘8 million Elixir’. Sadly for the attackers, a second air sweeper gets unlocked at Level 9 so you better position those dragons carefully.