Major Download Piracy Involving Game of Thrones Episodes, Hardcore Fans Can Now Purchase the Iron Throne Toilet, And More Details

A different line of thought believes that illegally downloading Game of Throne episodes is fighting social injustice. Since the cable companies charge money to watch and in case you are poor, you are probably striking a major blow against the 1 per cent by engaging in illicit downloading, sharing and copying.

Meanwhile, another school of thought believes that the piracy of TV Series episodes could be lessened if the best and coolest of the series were more widely distributed in a quick manner. The same people believe that internet piracy of Game of Thrones episodes is increasing the popularity of HBO. Well, it could be a logical way of looking at it!

All in all, the piracy issue has driven some cable channels and broadcasters to make their shows more widely and easily accessible. Thanks to HBO, it much easier to watch the series online with payment. In Canada, thanks to CraveTV and Shomi, lots of shows that were not previously available can presently be accessed with ease.

Talking about HBO, it seems that their online store has everything for the hardcore Game of Thrones fan, starting from shot glasses with the house sigil to Lannister hoodies. You will also notice Dothraki language guides to Khal Drogo figurines and Daenerys Targaryen. According to recent reports, fans can now purchase a working toilet replica of the Iron Throne!

Are you excited about the Iron Throne toilet replica? Let us know in the comments section below and stay tuned for more updates on Game of Thrones!