Tron 3 Confirmed, Feature Return of Sam Flynn And Quorra, Jeff Bridges Might Not Be Included, And More Details

Tron fans better get ready as Tron 3 has been confirmed! The earlier installment in this series, Tron: Legacy faced mixed reviews from the critics, but Disney seems to have disregarded all that. Disney is currently heading towards the third film in this franchise, which popular rumors suggest, is named Tron: Ascension. According to reports from CNET, Garrett Hedlund and Olivia Wilde, the same duo who starred in the last film, will be reprising their roles in Tron 3.

Like before, they will play San Flynn and Quorra. The latest reports indicate that the filming took place in Vancouver which should put the movie on track for a 2017 release. It could be as late as 2018, totally depending upon the on-going scheduling. Justin Springer will be the producer, and Joseph Kosinski will reprise his role as the director. Meanwhile, no official details have been revealed regarding the plot for this upcoming film.

It is being assumed from Hedlund and Wilde’s casting that Flynn could return to the same virtual reality universe that was featured in the last two Tron films, and computer program Quorra will join him too. Meanwhile, fans are not sure whether Jeff Bridges acted on Tron as an update version of his character in Tron: Legacy. Meanwhile, reports from Movie Pilot suggest that it is highly likely for Bridges to be returning to Tron: Ascension. People can argue that they saw both versions of Bridges’ character decimated in the earlier movie.

However, like a computer program it will be very easy to write back and then add it to the film. His death was quite finite in the earlier movie, and this could lead to the franchise moving in a totally new direction. It could indicate that Bridges is gone for good, and the third Tron film might continue without him.