Major Download Piracy Involving Game of Thrones Episodes, Hardcore Fans Can Now Purchase the Iron Throne Toilet, And More Details

Game of Thrones has returned and given rise to a bunch of side-effects. Firstly, it is the immense pleasure that viewers take in it while another is abuse heaped on people who are not a big fan of this series. Thirdly, the most important aspect to be noticed right now is theft! The latest report from The Guardian shows that the prospect of Game of Thrones returning has started a huge spike in Internet piracy.

Currently, fans are making more than 100k illegal downloads every day, of episodes belong to this show. Recent reports indicate that it is the most pirated TV series in the world, and more than seven million episodes have been downloaded from 2014 to April 2015. The countries where illegal downloading takes place makes for a rather interesting list. It seems like Brazil is Numero Uno, followed by France, Britain, U.S and Canada and United Kingdom.

The surprising fact is that besides Brazil, download piracy is quite a First World thing. People are quite desperate when it comes to watching Game of Thrones episodes. People have been using VPN software in order to make them appear as U.S or British Citizens so as to avail the shows that are not broadcasted in their original country. They even wish to write about and review all of these shows.

According to a recent report from BBC, Media piracy is presently a fertile new territory designed for organized crime rings that earlier resorted to drugs and prostitution.  Hence, if you are making use of software that allows you to download something and watch it for free, you are a part of a criminal organization and should be embarrassed to be associated with it! Now, you can continue these chains of thoughts or look at it in a much different manner.