Tron 3 Confirmed, Feature Return of Sam Flynn And Quorra, Jeff Bridges Might Not Be Included, And More Details

As you are aware, Tron was a movie that was way beyond its time. Dealing with Artificial Intelligence and thoughts of the maker ending up as a sentient being within his program is quite thrilling to say the least. The movie was quite nerdtastic and inspired a lot of people to start loving coding, programming and gaming in general. While Tron 2 was quite spectacular, it was considered to be shallow at times.

As a result, it seems like Disney is finally making the move to turn Tron 3 into reality. The studio earlier declared that Sam Flynn and the algorithm turned flesh Quorra will be reprising their roles. While the name of this movie hasn’t been decided yet, it is temporarily called Tron 3 as it is the third installment in the Tron movies franchise. Plot details haven’t been released but considering that this is a sequel, the story will probably begin from the end of Tron: Legacy.

In the earlier installment, it was shown that Sam Flynn is forced to enter the Grid which consists of a virtual computer world created by Kevin Flynn, his father. He enters to look for his father who vanished twenty years ago. He goes against the ruling program of the Grid known as the Grid’s CLU, with Quorra’s assistance. According to The Hollywood Reporter, it is one of those infrequent times when a sequel was made from a movie that was not adequate box-office performer.

Stay tuned for more updates on Tron 3!