Maddie Ziegler: Returns to Dance Moms, Abby Lee Thinks She Has Lost Her Interest in Dancing!

Maddie Ziegler also added that she didn’t know anything about the controversies surrounding Miller and her legal cases. Abby Lee Miller has 20 cases of fraud filed against her and her case is being handled by the Philadelphia court. If she is found guilty in any one of them, she will be heading to prison for at least five years.

Maddie Ziegler might not have been there to witness the drama that had been ensuing in Dance Moms. Maddie Ziegler had completely lost it and had send the girls out of the studio. They had a competition coming up and had to request Debbie Allen, a choreographer and NGO worker to open her studio up for them to practice in.

Maddie Ziegler might be back in Dance Moms, but she isn’t going to continue after the current season. She will be leaving the show to star in Sister, a film that is being written and directed by Sia. Maddie Ziegler had already expressed her desire to take up acting seriously and be part of television series and films, while keeping up her dancing.

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