Maddie Ziegler: Returns to Dance Moms, Abby Lee Thinks She Has Lost Her Interest in Dancing!

Maddie Ziegler is officially back in Dance Moms Season 6, but the 13-year-old isn’t very keen on becoming a part of the dance reality show. She had been away from the major part of the sixth season since she was working on her first Hollywood project, The Book of Henry.

Maddie Ziegler’s return hasn’t made Abby Lee Miller very excited. She should have been ecstatic since Ziegler happens to be her favorite student, but it isn’t the case in reality. Not only is she not happy with Maddie Ziegler returning to the dance reality show, but also refused to watch her interview in The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

This behavior of Abby Lee Miller’s had made everyone notice and the mothers had been confronted her with the fact that she is jealous of the young girl’s success. This allegation was thwarted by Abby Lee Miller, but she hadn’t given any clarification about why she refused to support Maddie Ziegler in her successful ventures.

Maddie Ziegler had appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show and had even performed along with Sia. When Abby Lee Miller was asked why she hadn’t watched her star student’s performance, she responded back saying that she was unwell and hence wasn’t able to catch it on the television. This excuse wasn’t accepted by the other mothers.

Viewers have come out with the reason for Abby Lee Miller’s weird reaction to Maddie Ziegler. They have realized that Abby Lee isn’t very happy with the young dancer since she seems to have lost her interest in dancing.

When Maddie Ziegler first appeared in the sixth episode of Dance Moms, Abby Lee Miller had placed her in the solo competition against Brynn Rumfallo and had expected her to win it.

Instead of winning the competition, Maddie Ziegler was in the bottom of the pyramid along with her sister Mackenzie, JoJo Siwa and Nia Frazier. This was a huge disappointment for Abby Lee Miller since Maddie was always her star student and her ticket to winning every single competition.

Abby Lee Miller had also told Maddie that she must have had a gala time while filming her first Hollywood film, but now that she is back in Dance Moms, she will have to focus on winning dance competitions again.

However, it doesn’t look like Maddie Ziegler is very keen on continuing dancing. The viewers had seen her least bothered when she lost to Brynn Rumfallo. She knew she had been away from practice and wasn’t in the best of form to win. Plus, she had a very important photo shoot with Seventeen Magazine to focus on a solo dance competition.

This attitude of Maddie Ziegler isn’t going down well with Abby Lee Miller. According to Design n Trend, Abby Lee Miller, Maddie Ziegler owes all her success to ALDC and Dance Moms and she shouldn’t snub these things after getting success.

If it hadn’t been for her and the opportunities she got from training with ALDC, Maddie Ziegler wouldn’t have been able to venture into Hollywood or anywhere else.

Maddie Ziegler is flying high these days. She first came under the public eye when she performed in Sia’s Electric Heart music video along with Shia LeBeouf. She has gone on to shoot for a major motion picture along with Naomi Watts and has also performed live with Sia and Kristen Wiig from SNL on Chandelier at last year’s Grammy Awards.

The 13-year-old when asked if she was excited to be back in Dance Moms, said that she did enjoy her stint in Hollywood, but she is happy to be back in Dance Moms and cannot wait to start training with her friends.