Easter Eggs In ‘Far Cry Primal’, Also How Do You Get Rare Feathers To Upgrade Your Quiver? Let’s See

It’s been a few days since Far Cry Primal was launched and gamers are already rampaging their way across the prehistoric land of Oros, hunting mammoths, throwing spears, using mercenary badgers as hunting companions and much more. The game has all the necessary hallmarks of a complete Far Cry experience.

However, the game has its flaws but flawed though it may be, Far Cry Primal delivers an undoubtedly fun experience for gamers. Meanwhile, Ubisoft has always treated their gamers with a good dose Easter Eggs and Far Cry Primal has its proper share. The game is filled with these Easter Eggs and some of them even hint at a connection between different Ubisoft game universes. Firstly, you have the Stonehenge.

Plainly speaking, nothing gets more jazzy and prehistoric than that. In reality, it is an ancient Stone circle standing on the Salisbury Plains of England and it is also one of the oldest manmade structures in the world and has been thought to date back up to 3000BC. It is quite impressive but still 7000 years too young to be placed in a Far Cry Primal setting.

This is because the game is set in the beginning of the Mesolithic Age (starting 10000BC). However, in the name of a good Easter egg, you can always allow a bit for poetic licensing. Therefore, Ubisoft decided to choose Stonehenge replica known as the Blajiman Stones, in the game. You will find this stone circle on the eastern part of the map.

Surprisingly, you will find Hurk from Far Cry 3 and Far Cry 4 in this game! Sounds shocking! Well, he isn’t actually Hurk since now he is called Urki. In case you don’t remember him, he was the lovable buffoon from the DLCs who always finds himself in the thick of action and always something to do with monkeys around him.

In Primal, you meet Urki, who looks quite a bit like Hurk, complete with the bandana, goatee, although the bandana is leopard-skinned and the goatee looks slightly less-groomed. In Far Cry Primal, you get to see a Leap of Faith as well.

Yes, sounds like Ubisoft couldn’t really let go of their Assassins Creed franchise completely, for this year. After you help Urki gather some feathers, you see him attempt to fly but he is seen jumping off the platform with cool Assassins Creed II Intro music, hang in there for a split second and then fall hundreds of feet, comfortably, into a pile of hay.

Meanwhile, are you tired of running out of feather too fast in Far Cry Primal? If you wish to upgrade Takkar’s quiver with more arrows to shoot more baddies in order to make lesser trips to the Reward Stash back at your camp, you need a guide that will teach you the quickest and easiest ways to find rare feathers so that you can go back and take down Izila and Udam outposts all over Oros.

The first way to gather feathers is by killing eagles but it requires a great deal of precision and timing in order to accomplish. However, there is a second way in which you can get feathers in order to upgrade your quiver.

You can do this by completing Wogah’s quest to find rare feathers at the top of a large cliff. Before this quest unlocks, you need to upgrade Wogah’s hut twice. You need to make your way north out of the main Wenja village and follow the lake until you reach the dead end and you will find the quest marker.