Easter Eggs In ‘Far Cry Primal’, Also How Do You Get Rare Feathers To Upgrade Your Quiver? Let’s See

Now, you must use your Grappling Claw to climb your way up to the top of the area and you can collect all the rare feathers from three eagle nests while you climb. It will make sure you get enough rare feathers to unlock a quiver upgrade.

According to Forbes, Far Cry Primal is quite different from an Elder Scrolls game but there are certain places where the game feels similar. Sneaking your way through the enemy camp and taking out baddies with arrows or approaching a cave entrance only to get involved in a battle to the death with a bear, all sound rather similar.

Therefore, it seems like if Ubisoft wanted to, they could take four or five years to create something that is equally mesmerizing as Elder Scrolls Skyrim. However, Far Cry Primal sticks to the status quo even though it is 10000BC.

You still spend your time hunting, skinning, sneaking, climbing, running and the healing mechanics are similar to the earlier games in this franchise.

The missions are actually a loose-collection of side-quests and length replaces depth at almost every turn. However, with so many assets reused, it does seem like the developers decided to take the easy route in certain cases.

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