The Affair Season 3: Alison to Break Cole and Luisa’s Marriage, Helen Might Not Stay with Noah!

The Affair Season 3 is going to see Alison (Ruth Wilson) completely alone. Alison had lied about her pregnancy to Noah. She had told him in the beginning that the baby was his and he had happily left his wife and had settled for a new life with Alison where he had started loving the little baby, Joanie.

It was only in the finale of The Affair Season 2 that Alison comes clean about the baby’s parentage and Noah (Dominic West) is distraught. He goes to a pub where he meets Helen (Maura Tierney) and the two strike up a conversation. Noah realizes how badly he had treated his family and Helen on her part is ready to forgive him.

There are chances that now with Noah in the prison, the two will develop their relationship. Helen runs over Scotty (Colin Donnell), but Noah takes the blame for the accident since he wants to make up to his wife for all the wrong he has done. Noah takes the blame to keep both Alison and Helen away from the prison.

There are reports claiming that Season 3 of The Affair will explore Noah and Helen’s relationship and will see the two of them working towards building up their marriage again. Noah is most likely leaving Alison because he realizes that she had lied to him about the father of the child and had in turn cheated on him.

Alison being all left alone, is likely to turn to the father of the child for some support. There are still a lot of debate on who the father of Joanie is. Ecumenical News has stated that Joanie’s father might be either Scotty or Cole (Joshua Jackson).

Cole happens to be Alison’s ex-husband. He had been devastated when Alison had left him and had gone ahead with Noah. He had almost given up on life and didn’t even have the strength to live his life when he saw that Alison was genuinely happy with Noah.

Now with Noah leaving Alison for Helen, there is a possibility that she will turn to him for support. Alison knows that Cole still harbors feelings for him. He has moved on and gotten married to Luisa (Catalina Sandino Moreno), but there is no doubt that he will happily leave Luisa if Alison comes back to him.

Cole had been devastated when he and Alison lose their baby in Season 1 of The Affair. The incident was a traumatic one for both Alison and Cole. Cole had always wanted to have a baby of his own that he could bring up and when he finds out that Alison has a baby that might be his, he is going to take her back.

Cole has always been there for Alison. Cole used to be the shoulder for Alison to cry whenever she had problems with Noah and on one such occasion the two had ended sleeping together. This was witnessed by Scotty, but now that he is dead and the whole plot has changed, this works in favor of Alison.

According to E! Online it isn’t clear if Joanie’s father is Scotty or Cole. Oscar (Darren Goldstein) gave a testimony of Alison and Scotty arguing before Scotty was killed in the accident and this hints at the fact that the two had an affair.

This might also open the possibility that Joanie was Scotty’s child. However, with Scotty dead, Alison will hope that the father is Cole so that she is able to get back into his life.