Interesting Facts about Shakira’s Hips Don’t Lie, Things Which Make Shakira Happy and Why She Won’t Let Son Sasha Watch TV!

It’s been 10 whole years since ‘Hips don’t Lie’ by Shakira was released and before we take the route to nostalgia or discuss about the events back then, let us simply focus on Shakira at the moment. The gorgeous Colombian singer-songwriter has great dance moves and songs, filled with a core of hypnotic power.

While talking about Shakira, the three words ‘Hips don’t lie’ come automatically. That is how it works for most Shakira fans worldwide. The post was captioned “Hips Don’t Lie was released 10 years ago this week! / Hips Don’t Lie celebra 10 anos esta semana!?#?TBT? ShakHQ” by Shakira.

This has made us dig deeper into a lot of interesting facts and trivia about the song. However, there are loads of things which you probably do not know about the song. First of all, the song wasn’t Hips Don’t Lie at all. It was first called Lips Don’t Lie. Initially, the track was written and recorded by Lauryn Hill, Wyclef Jean along with Pras for the Fugees union. Sadly, there was no closure due to Hill’s dissatisfaction with the particular song.

Furthermore, the track is a salsa and a worldbeat song and it comes with elements from Jean’s earlier single, Dance Like This. In the history of Billboard Charts, Shakira was the first artist to earn number one spots on both its Top 40 Mainstream and Latin Chart in the same week with Hips Don’t Lie.

A part of Shakira’s seventh studio album was named Oral Fixation, Vol. 2, Hips Don’t Lie smashed the record for the most radio plays in one week and it was also the fastest selling digital download song in the entire United States. In at least 55 countries, Hips Don’t Lie managed to reach the Number One Spot.

During an interview, Shakira had explained the story behind her song Hips Don’t Lie. Wikipedia states that Shakira says her body reacts to a song. She used to tell her musicians, “my hips don’t lie! Are they moving? They’re not moving! So this is not ready”.

Shakira is a huge fan of Bollywood music and she got in touch with famous Indian choreographer Farah Khan and also asked her to choreograph a Hips Don’t Lie performance intended for the 2006 MYV Video Awards.

Shakira is smart, eloquent and down-to-earth and she is also doing the voice of Gazelle, who is actually a Gazelle from Sahara square and also a famous pop star in the Disney animation, Zootopia.

Shakira admitted that she could relate to her character. “Gazelle, it’s me,” the 39-year-old Shakira pointed out and laughed. “But then when they explained to me, Judy Hobbs (portrayed by Ginnifer Goodwin), the main character in the movie, the little bunny who dreams about big dreams, I also said this is me, too. So, I identified with both of them. I remember being a little girl in Barranquilla, Atlantico in Colombia, dreaming about the unthinkable, and the unimaginable and against all odds, I fought for my calling in life, the same way Judy Hobbs does.”

Shakira further explained that she had really big dreams and she kept chasing them even when a lot of people told her that she could not do it. Her character is singing the song ‘Try Everything’, so that figures.

She stated, “I do it often, every time I am on a big stage and in front of thousands and thousands of people. I can’t help but remember that not long ago I was in Barranquilla, Colombia dreaming about being an international artist. And what were my chances? The percentage was so low and it all happened.”