Interesting Facts about Shakira’s Hips Don’t Lie, Things Which Make Shakira Happy and Why She Won’t Let Son Sasha Watch TV!

Shakira decided to open up more and said, “My family was there and they were a big determining factor for me. Speaking of adversaries or detractors, I had many. And the very second I decided to become a singer and an artist; I had my first detractors, my music school teacher. He decided that I couldn’t join the school choir because my voice was too dissonant for him and my vibrato was too pronounced and not what he had in mind. Some of my classmates, who are still good friends of mine, used to think that I sang like a goat because of my vibrato. I remember going back home and telling my dad very sadly about all of this. He would tell me you don’t quit on that vibrato, because one day people will hear you on the radio and know its Shakira because of the vibrato.”

Meanwhile, Shakira declared that she feels like as if she is married to a soldier. She admitted that her life with soccer player Gerard Pique can be a little frustrating because she can’t always be as spontaneous as she would like to be.

Meanwhile, Shakira revealed that his son Milan has already watched the film Zootopia and it was challenging for her to explain to him that she, his mother, was playing the role of Gazelle. However, she did not allow her son Sasha to watch the film. She revealed, “Pediatricians in America say that kids cannot watch TV until they are 2 years old, so he’s going to have to wait one more year to watch Zootopia.”

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