Vikings Season 4: Lagertha Set to Play a Powerful Role, Rollo’s Transformation, Floki’s Trial Affects Ragnar!

According to Parent Herald, Lagertha (Katheryn Winnick) will steal the show in Vikings Season 4. The fourth season saw her shine, but the current season will see her get more and more powerful and she will break free from the control of Ragnar.

Lagertha will get into the helm of the action in Vikings Season 4. She isn’t going to be satisfied working from the sidelines anymore.

Katheryn Winnick, who plays the role of Lagertha in Vikings Season 4 has spoken up about her character. She has informed the fans that she is very much like Lagertha in real life. She is determined and hard-working and is able to defend herself.

Speaking about her character, Winnick added that Lagertha has full control of every situation that she finds herself in and that comes from an inner strength. This force comes with the training she has received as shield maiden.

Vikings Season 4 is going to be the last one for Ragnar Lothbrok since Travis Fimmel is going to be leaving the show to head to Hollywood. With this being the last season where fans get to see him in action, they can be rest assured that the parting shot of Ragnar will be a memorable one.

International Business Times has reported that Vikings Season 4 is going to see Ragnar and Rollo (Clive Standen) engage in a massive fight. Vikings Season 3 ended with Rollo’s betrayal of the Vikings. He had stayed back in Paris to get married to Emperor Charles’ (Lothaire Bluteau) daughter Princess Gisla (Morgane Polanski).

He was shown in the opening episode of the new season making plans to help the Parisians defeat the Vikings and was shown murdering the Vikings who had remained back in Paris.

Rollo in Vikings Season 4 is almost unrecognizable. He has cut off his dark locks and has removed the dirt cover Vikings outfit to for a look that befits a regal Parisian king. Rollo has had a lot of trouble controlling his new wife. Gisla wasn’t ready for the marriage with the barbarian and Rollo had no idea about how she would respond to him.

When he has previously interacted with women, they have always given in to his ways, but not Gisla. She comes in with a knife and while this initially scares Rollo, he is able to overcome the situation and asks Gisla to fall asleep while he does the same. This interaction with husband and wife shows the viewers that things aren’t going to be easy for Rollo in any which way.

When Rollo reveals his first look to Gisla, she goes into a fit of laughter and this indicates that no one will take Rollo seriously in the new world that he has decided to fit into. Standen spoke about his character and said that Vikings Season 4 will see a new Rollo.

He has realized that if he ever has a chance to conquer Paris and the princess, he will have to use his mind-game to make that happen. He has always been in the shadow of his brother Ragnar and that is the first thing that he has to stop being. He will have to stop being the shadow and make his presence known.

Bjorn (Alexander Ludwig), on the other hand, is deciding to avenge is father’s betrayal at the hands of his uncle and we know for a fact that Bjorn doesn’t back down from anything that he has set his eyes on.