Maddie Ziegler: Guest Star in Nickelodeon Series, Uploads Video, Mother Melissa Gisoni Gets Teary Eyed, And More

The Abby Lee Dance Company comes first in the teen category for their dance to Straight Outta Pittsburgh. With Maddie Ziegler absent from the stage, other girls get a chance to win accolades for their dance company. Kendall Vertes bags the award in the competition for her solo performance on All Eyes On Me.

JoJo Siwa secured the second place in the pre-teen category for I’ll Show You The Dark Side. This was Siwa’s chance to shine and she does good to the opportunity. Abby Lee Miller hardly gave chance to any other dancer apart from Maddie Ziegler.

However, this time she asked who was up for the challenge to play a mysterious and dark character on stage and Siwa immediately stood up to take the opportunity.

While Maddie might be enjoying her work as an actor, the latest episode of Dance Moms saw Maddie Ziegler’s mother Melissa Gisoni get teary eyed when she saw the other girls performing and winning awards at the latest dance competition.

She said that she is very proud of her elder daughter and the whole family is very supportive of each other, but she misses seeing her on stage, doing what she does best, dancing.

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