Maddie Ziegler: Guest Star in Nickelodeon Series, Uploads Video, Mother Melissa Gisoni Gets Teary Eyed, And More

Dance Moms made Maddie Ziegler a household name. The 13-year-old girl, who is an exceptional dancer also made her mark in the industry. She was one of the very few who could go beyond the world of Dance Moms and create her own space.

Maddie Ziegler had won the hearts of ALDC coach Abby Lee Miller way back, and now she has also won the hearts of the Dance Moms’ fans. However, even though Dance Moms Season 6 has started, Ziegler is still absent from active participation in the series. She came in after the first few episodes after wrapping up The Book of Henry.

Maddie Ziegler had spoken to the media stating her desire to become the triple threat in the show-bizz. The young girl had confidently said that everyone already knows about her dancing prowess and she is already starting to prove her acting skills and now she wants to hone her singing skills to add that much needed edge to her resume and self.

The dancer is now being cast in acting projects without an audition because the producers and directors know that she is up for the challenge. The Book of Henry, directed by Colin Trevorrow was her first step into Hollywood and she shared screen space with actors like Naomi Watts. With the shooting for The Book of Henry wrapped up, Maddie Ziegler has decided to go ahead and be a part of television series as well.

Maddie Ziegler will be seen in the Nickelodeon series Nicky, Ricky, Dicky & Dawn. Maddie is set to play the role of Eiffel in the episode Ballet and the Beasts. The episode will see Dawn, played by Lizzy Greene taking up ballet lessons so that she can be away from her brothers.

This isn’t going to be such a great idea because her brothers end up taking the ballet lessons themselves. While Dawn is devastated, Eiffel is super happy with the prospect of boys joining her class since it will give her the opportunity to showcase her credibility to the fullest. When Dawn tries to stop her brothers from starting the class, Eiffel butts in and places an ultimatum in front of Dawn.

Maddie Ziegler is super excited to be back in the Abby Lee Dance Company. According to Life & Style, the dancer shared a video of herself dancing along with ALDC mates and friends Kendall Vertes and Kalani Hilliker. The three were dancing at the ALDC studio in Los Angeles.

The girls can be seen dancing to the track Going Nowhere by Fifth Symphony. The girls are all in their early teens, but they look way older by the way they move and show off their oomph factor.

Maddie Ziegler captioned the video saying that she was back to doing what she does best along with her girls. Kalani Hilliker also shared a smaller version of the video in monochrome in her own Instagram profile. Although it is not known if the girls were just dancing to the song, or whether they were practising the routine for an upcoming competition.

Maddie Ziegler has still not started performing in the dance competitions this year with full force and the viewers are waiting for her to put on her dancing shoes and set the stage on fire.

Design and Trend has reported that the upcoming episodes of Dance Moms Season 6 will see the Abby Lee Dance Company troupe getting ready to perform at the Devotion 2 Dance competition in California. The competition was shot last year and the results are already out.