Luke Hemmings Out Partying, Starts A Controversy, 5SOS Wins Best Fan Army Award, And More

A major speculation drive started and fans all over started shamming the girl and expressing heartbreak for being the girl that Luke was dating. This wasn’t taken lightly by Luke. He came out and expressed his disappointment stating that its s weird world where whatever anyone believes, it is taken as the truth, with no consideration for those involved. Fans have since then gone on to ask for forgiveness about the incident.

The band has been is news ever since its inception and their first performance where they shared the stage with One Direction. Ever since that the boys have been doing well in all aspects. From good music, to cheesy gossips, to hot rumours the band is providing it all for the fans.

5SOS won the Best Fan Army Award at the recently organised iHeart Radio Music Award. Due to regular interaction with its fans the band 5SOS has always been liked by its fans and this accounts for their loyalty.

The YouTube star Luke Hemmings made it big after his covers became extremely popular on the website. There has been no looking back for the four boys of 5 Seconds of Summer from there on.

We hope fans keep getting regular party doses of the hot boys of 5 Seconds of Summer and the pop group keeps giving us good music and entertains us the way they do.