Andrew Garfield And Emma Stone: Rumor stories doing the rounds, Things Will Get Sorted Once Garfield is Back, More News

Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone are still quiet when it comes to clarifying rumors about their alleged breakup. This silence is not doing any good and it is making their fans go completely mad with anticipation!

It was reported last month that the couple, who started dating on the sets of The Amazing Spider-Man have taken a break. There has been no official confirmation yet, but the media is abuzz with speculations that Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone have indeed gone their separate ways.

While in the midst of the hue and cry over the two spilling up, some fans are of the opinion that this nothing, but a buzz created by media. The couple is very much together and is just living apart because of their busy shooting schedules. With Emma in the States and Andrew away on location at Taiwan, it is not possible for them to be seen together in in media events.

However, we all know the celebrity circus is and with this report of a supposed split, there are rumors that it was caused by jealousy and envy. Yes, dear reader, it is believed that Andrew Garfield broke up with the love of his life because she supposedly earns more than him. To make matters even more ridiculous, there was another rumor that stated that Andrew had broken up because he was fed up of Emma’s constant need for shopping and partying.

A source close to the couple has informed that Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone want to keep their relationship away from the media glare. Emma Stone didn’t know for sure if she would be winning the Oscar and she knew that even if Andrew wasn’t there with her, he was fully supportive of what she does and was very proud.

OK! Magazine has confirmed that the rift between the two have occurred because Andrew Garfield cheated while in Taiwan. The source states that Andrew had met a girl in the bar and that he did things that he isn’t proud. The source has also said that Emma was shocked and she could never imagine that he could do something like that.