Constantine: Not Yet Cancelled, Cerone And Fans Doing Everything To Make NBC Renew It, More Information

There comes good news for the fans of Constantine. Season 2 is still alive and the fans can happily wait for a mid-season replacement. Daniel Cerone, the show runner of Constantine went ahead to confirm the fact that the season is not officially cancelled.

The fact still remains that the fate of this show floats in mid-air and that could mean a complete shut down as well, but fans are not letting go of their hope with the Cerone confirming that the talks are still on.

The fans were hopeful that he will say that a new season is on the cards, but it is certainly much better than hearing NBC wrapping the show up for good.  Cerone tweeted that the rumors about Constantine being cancelled are false.

The creators and the NBC bosses are likely to sit down soon discuss on the fate of the show. Things might turn for the bad with the show getting cancelled, but as of now there is going to be another shot given to the show by the production house, seeing the loyal fan base that they have gathered in this short period.

Daniel Cerone went ahead to use hash tags like #SaveConstantine which clearly shows that there is a desperate attempt to revive the show and improve its rating. In the interim period fans are busy watching the show online. Cerone with full support from the creator David Goyer, could convince NBC to release all the 13 episodes of Season 1 online.

Fans were requested to make people around them to watch the show, which helps increase the viewer numbers and will go a long way to help decide the future of the show.

Daniel Cerone just did not stop there; he went ahead to also request the fans to tweet on social media with the hash tag #SaveConstantine and #Hellblazers. Fans responded to this in a big manner and eventually the show became a trending topic on Twitter.