New Fighters and Mii Fighter Outfits to Be Included In Super Smash Bros 4 While Splatoon Content Releases On 29th May!

According to the latest reports, the upcoming version of Super Smash Bros on the Nintendo Wii U/3DS will feature additional fighters along with Mii Fighter outfits, says Nintendo Everything.  Masahiro Sakurai, video game director of ‘Super Smash Bros’ discussed about downloadable content or DLC  in his latest column in Japanese publication Famitsu.

As a result, in order to keep the existing game fresh and updated with the latest version, DLCs are a worthy addition. According to Sakurai, DLCs are basically intended for fans and gamers more than anyone else. Sakurai indicated that making a single fighter is a huge task but they can certainly produce them in larger quantities. According to him, once the project is complete, they can feel refreshed afterwards.

The last DLC for Super Smash Bros included the latest addition of Mewtwo that was released exclusively for ‘Club Nintendo’ members in mid-April.  Latest reports also indicate that Nintendo is planning to introduce Lucas in June along with further additions to its fighter roster. At the same time, fans can vote for the characters they wish to see in the upcoming version of Super Smash Bros.

Meanwhile, other reports indicate that Roy from the ‘Fire Emblem’ world and Ryu from the ‘Street Fighter’ franchise will be making their way to Super Smash Bros 4. It will be primarily based on some background music files found on the 3DS iteration of this title. However, the files are not definitive and there is no confirmation whether these two fighters will be introduced as DLC fighters or not. The latest developments involving these new characters being introduced in Super Smash Bros has revealed Nintendo’s latest plans to bring more excitement to the franchise.

A Super Smash Bros hardcore gamer who has been mining and exploring the 3DS version’s date recently revealed that there are five different character slots available after Mewtwo. He is the first Super Smash Bros 4 DLC fighter. Presently, the empty character slots have been named ‘Mario’ as a placeholder.