Constantine: Not Yet Cancelled, Cerone And Fans Doing Everything To Make NBC Renew It, More Information

If Constantine comes back for Season 2 then fans can expect Doctor Fate, Phantom Strange, Spectre and The Demon. There are chances of Midnight making a comeback as well. The season will also see a flashback of Constantine’s original story, which will be used a pitch to get the approval for Season 2.

Constantine with its special effects is an expensive show to create. With the show not enjoying a large viewership, NBC is not very happy about spending so much on the show. Constantine had a TRP of 3 million viewers that hasn’t been able to please the heads in NBC. Constantine has improved on a rather tricky slot for NBC, but the decision on what happens will ultimately depend on what those at NBC feel.

NBC is expected to have their internal meeting to announce the entire schedule for the upcoming season. With the way Daniel Cerone and David Goyer are trying to make the viewers work to make the show a success, we hope things sway in their favor.

In the past couple of days he has left no stones unturned in trying to turn fortunes of Constantine. Cerone has promised fans that he will get to know the decision by the 11th of May and would communicate it to them immediately.