Luke Hemmings Out Partying, Starts A Controversy, 5SOS Wins Best Fan Army Award, And More

5 Seconds of Summer is back to impress its fans in their own style. Yet again the band has shown that they love their fans and pay importance to keeping them happy, this becomes the main reason for having such a strong fan army in a short period of time.

This time around the two members of the band, namely Luke Hemmings and Calum Hood went out clubbing at a night club in Sydney and ended up meeting their fans who just cannot have enough of these boys and their songs.

The members were spotted recently in a nightclub named Australian Brewery Coolroom where they connected with their much dedicated fans and let lose themselves to party hard. Girls at the nightclub report that the boys looked way hotter than they usually do and the duo was hot enough to get the mercury soaring.

It’s was only last year that Luke Hemmings was in news and the place was the same old Australian Brewery Coolroom. Last time around the band guitarist went ahead to show his fans some of his pole dance moves and now after a year he was back once again to party hard with all his fans.

Fans went ahead to click pictures with the band members and post them on their Twitter accounts to show the world that they have had the chance to be up close with members of the hottest pop group present today worldwide. 5 Seconds of Summer went ahead to confirm the outing of Luke Hemmings and Calum Hood by uploading pictures on the group’s Twitter account named 5SOS Updates.

This outing turned out to be a rather controversial issue, when a fan posted a photo on her Instagram account, where she was seen kissing Luke on his cheeks and said how he complimented her and bought her a drink.