People Continue To Use Popcorn Time While Disregarding Any Bans Imposed By UK Government, More Details

People who are not fans of the Netflix Breaking news are definitely aware of the existence of Popcorn Time. Ever since its emergence last year, the movie streaming application has been surrounded by a great deal of controversy. Due to the uncertain legitimacy, a number of accusations have been brought against the application. Furthermore, the streaming device has been accused of breaking international piracy laws.

On top of that, the Bittorrent distribution shift has assisted it in operating properly.  The service also faced a heavy blow when UK chancery court issued an order demanding five major broadband providers to block the downloading of this application. It means that BT, EE, TalkTalk, SKY and VirginMedia will have to stop customers from viewing pages that are responsible for hosting Popcorn Time.

However, it will all be in vain as other streaming services will start popping up immediately. Universal, Warner Bros, Disney Twentieth Century Fox, Paramount, and Columbia Pictures filed the case. Judge Briss heard the case and issued a judgment that started, “It is manifest that the Popcorn Time application is used in order to watch pirated content on the Internet and indeed it is also manifest that that is its purpose. No-one really uses Popcorn Time in order to watch lawfully available content.”

The broadband providers haven’t blocked the service so far but it seems like the blocking might occur soon. From the latest reports,,,, and, will soon vanish. The people who already make use of the software will enjoy a fully-functioning service. It is a service that makes use of P2P protocols in order to operate so that users don’t experience any issues.

Popcorn Time commented on the court order and declared that they were pretty disappointed from UK’s judicial system. At the same time, they expressed their sadness regarding the violation of basic rights of the British citizens. Popcorn Time makers also hope to see some sort of a protest from the UK citizens against this order. Popcorn Time further expressed that the move was pretty predictable. The developers further declared that they are working full-time in order to make Popcorn Time fully p2p so that the app doesn’t depend on any domain or centralized server in order to operate. Informally, Popcorn Time has been termed as Netflix for Pirates. It is an increasingly popular video streaming application which can be used on Windows PC, Mac, IOS as well as Android.