The Incredibles 2 Is Coming With Updates Suggesting A Plot Centered On Violet, Dash And Jack-Jack, More Details

It has been over a decade since The Incredibles was released in theater and fans finally started giving up hope for a sequel to one of the most-loved Pixar animated films. However, recently Brad Bird confirmed that there is a sequel currently in the works.  Meanwhile, fans are wondering what they can expect from Mr. Incredible, Elastigirl, Violet, Dash, and Jack-Jack. Recently, Bird told The Independent that he has just started writing it, so they’ll need to wait and see what happens next.

Meanwhile, the statement released by Bird caused fans to start speculating on the sequel and decide whether or not the second movie can surpass the success of the first. Bird further admitted that making a sequel is a risk. He also compared it with the feeling of being thrown into a pool where you have to learn how to swim. He further expressed his excitement in being re-united with the characters from The Incredibles.

He also declared that The Incredibles 2 won’t be having any major special effects, since according to him; the greatest special effect is caring about the character. According to him, most movies today tend to forget this fact. They lay a great deal of emphasis on the special effects that they forget to bring the primary focus on the movie characters and the manner in which they would relate to the audience.

Meanwhile, Crossmap further reported that the plot would center around the Parr children during this time while Elastigirl and Mr. Incredible won’t be as active as they were before. The plot make sense as the sequel will take place 12 years after the first  movie and that makes Jack-Jack, Violet and Dash, older than they were in the first movie.

Further reports indicate that the upcoming The Incredibles 2 will center on Jack-Jack, whose power surprised everyone during the end of the first movie. His power is said to greater than the rest of the Parr family members. A villain will come in and try to use him for evil and Jack-Jack will be seen struggling while attempting to bring his powers under control.