The Incredibles 2 Is Coming With Updates Suggesting A Plot Centered On Violet, Dash And Jack-Jack, More Details

Movie News Guide also reports that the family of superheroes in The Incredibles will be back but this time the parents will be taking a back seat and the children will be taking the reins instead. Unlike his parents and siblings, Jack-Jack has trouble controlling his powers. Furthermore, his parents have become very protective of him following his kidnapping by a villain. Ultimately, Jack-Jack becomes a rebel and an outcast. Moreover, it was during this time that Jack-Jack realized he can control his powers only when he is angry or villainous.

Sadly, it was another villain, which speculations now suggest, is named Syndrome, who first noticed these unique traits on Jack-Jack and mentored him to become a great student /villain under his tutelage. According to the director, a lot of movies have started forgetting that the primary ingredient in a film is its characters. Instead of focusing on them, the makers stress on bling and flash and later wonder why they didn’t have the impact they were supposed to.

Bird hasn’t revealed a release date for The Incredibles 2 but rumors and speculations currently suggest that it will have a 2016-2017 release date.

Stay tuned for more updates on The Incredibles 2!